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We are now proudly offering Vapor Honing services at Acme Motorsports!


Vapor honing (also known as "vapor blasting" or "wet blasting") is a surface refinishing process, originally developed by Rolls Royce to clean and resurface aluminum jet engine parts to eliminate corrosion and facilitate inspection. Instead of BLASTING with dry abrasive media, we use a slurry of water, compressed air, detergents and media to produce a much gentler honing process which is ideal for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. 

The result is a stunning renewed effect, which removes only oxidization and corrosion. This process also seals the pores of the material, making it look better, longer, and the part is now even more resistant to future corrosion. 


Vapor honing WILL NOT etch or dimensionally change a part as the media used is much finer and gentler, and the resulting surface is much smoother and shinier.

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