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MOTOOL Service Assistant App

No purchase necessary!  Download for free at The App Store or Google Play!!!


Now you can store all your bikes, settings and setup notes securely in the cloud!

The new Service Assistant V2 app allows you to keep notes and settings on all your off-road, street and adventure motorcycles and full suspension mountain bike too. Keep all your bikes and setting safe and secure in the cloud and accessible from any iOS or Android device with internet connectivity. Also Includes basic Slacker documentation and settings guidelines.


    Save clicker settings, sag settings and make additional notes for different rides, tracks and conditions.

  • Add unlimited bikes, settings, racetracks/roads


    Also includes Slacker documentation for quick reference.


  • All your data is stored securely on the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Includes off-road, street and adventure motorcycles as well as full suspension mountain bikes

  • No ads and we do not sell personal data!

  • Request new bikes or settings updates using the support section.

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